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Why should I use Freedom Fuel Card?
Get the freedom to fuel up and save (almost) anywhere. Big-time monthly savings on fuel keeps more money in your pocket. Also, we never put a cap on diesel purchases, so the Freedom Fuel Card can fuel up your rig to any level you need.
Can I only use Freedom Fuel Card on diesel?

Nope. You can use the Freedom Fuel Card on just about anything you can find at the truck stop like food, showers, truck washes, fluids and more. While you’ll only receive discounts off the cash price per gallon of diesel, you can still buy reefer, ULSD or DEF with your card.

What can I purchase with my Freedom Fuel Card?

Almost anything you find at a truck stop, including:

  • Diesel with savings off the cash price per gallon savings*
  • Food
  • Showers
  • Truck washes
  • Fluids
  • Reefer fuel
  • DEF

If you get cards for each of your drivers, you can customize each card and set spending limits from our mobile app or desktop dashboard.

*Note that fuel discount only applies at in-networks stations.

What truck stops accept the Freedom Fuel Card?

Save big at your favorite major truck stops. Freedom Fuel Card gets you discounts at 10,000+ innetwork locations across the US, including all the major stops you know and love.

What’s the discount with Freedom Fuel Card?

You can expect savings off the cash price per gallon of diesel. Carriers with larger fuel needs may receive a bigger discount. We also deliver the lowest swipe fee in the industry at just $1.00!

How does the savings process work?
  1. Stop at any one of our 10,000+ in-network fuel stops
  2. Fill ‘er up & save off the cash price per gallon of diesel
  3. Pay inside or at the pump
  4. Sit back and receive your rebate check in the mail from us in a few weeks

Yep, it’s that easy!

How much is my spending limit?
We fund 100% of all your fuel purchased, every time. Unlike most other fuel card providers, we don’t set a hard credit limit (i.e. $2,000 credit limit) because you shouldn’t be penalized for things out of your control, like the price of diesel. We make sure you can fill your tank without issues, which is a major win for you getting back on the road.
What is reefer fuel?
Reefer fuel (ULSR) is a type of diesel used to fuel off-road vehicles and to keep refrigerated truck cargo cool. Reefer is dyed red to distinguish it from standard diesel because it cannot be used to power the truck itself.
What is DEF?
DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) helps medium to heavy-duty diesel rigs reduce their engine emissions. Compared to gasoline-powered vehicles, diesel-powered vehicles release exhaust that has more pollutants in it, like nitrogen oxides. DEF cleans up the exhaust before it goes into the atmosphere.
I manage a fleet with multiple drivers. Can I set limits on their spending?
You sure can. The Freedom Fuel Card desktop dashboard and mobile app are easy to use and let you customize every driver’s card to meet your needs.
  • Put a cap on each card’s spending per week, day or transaction.
  • Set limits by type of purchase. You can allow some drivers to access fuel only while others can buy food, showers, etc.
Does Freedom Fuel Card check my credit?
Yes, we run a personal credit report. BUT it’s only a “soft” check and won’t show up as an inquiry. Our check won’t ding your credit score.
Will applying for Freedom Fuel Card affect my credit score?
Nope! Other fuel card providers use a “hard” pull which is reported as an inquiry and dings your credit score by a few points. We don’t want you to be penalized, so we use a “soft” pull instead. It checks your score but won’t show up as an inquiry or lower your score.
My business is new and I don’t have a credit score. What are the requirements to sign up?

Yes, we run a personal credit report. BUT it’s only a “soft” check and won’t show up as an inquiry. Our check won’t ding your credit score.

Will applying for Freedom Fuel Card affect my credit score?

We review the credit score, but it’s not the only factor. We evaluate your business as a whole before making any decisions.

Here’s what you need to sign up:

  • MC#
  • Driver’s license

Sign up here – it takes less than 60 seconds!

Can I earn fuel points?
Transcap is our exclusive freight factoring partner that offers Freedom Fuel Card holders preferred pricing and discounts. However, we don’t require you to use their services.
What if I’m working with another factoring and/or fuel company?
No problem! You can use your Freedom Fuel Card in combination with other cards and/or funding, but you’ll probably experience bigger savings if you only use our card. Consider checking out Transcap, our trusted factoring partner, for exclusive Freedom Fuel Card member benefits like better pricing.

Why Should I Combine Freedom Fuel Card and Freight Factoring?

Freight factoring gets you fast access to money so you can stay on the road longer. Transcap is our exclusive, trusted freight factoring partner. They’re passionate about saving drivers money and helping you grow your business. Learn about Transcap and see if their freight factoring is the right fit for you.

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