Top Fuel Card for Owner-Operators

Drivers can save $300-$500 per truck, per month with Freedom Fuel Card.

The Diesel Fuel Card
Every Driver Needs

When you run your own business, every cent matters. Save yourself hundreds of bucks on diesel fuel every week with Freedom Fuel Card’s in-network discounts at 10,000+ truck stops. Get any kind of fuel your rig needs, whether it’s diesel, reefer, ULSD or DEF.
You Work Hard. Your Fuel Card Should, Too.

More Freedom = Bigger Savings

Discounts: Savings off the cash price per gallon of diesel.

10,000+ Locations: You’re never more than a few exits away from a fuel stop that accepts
Freedom Fuel Card.

Fast Approvals: Apply and get approved right away.

More than Fuel: Use Freedom Fuel Card on other purchases like food, showers and more.


Anywhere a job takes you, you’re never far from Freedom Fuel Card savings.​

Save at 10,000+ Truck Stops

Anywhere a job takes you, you’re never far from Freedom Fuel Card savings.

Choose Freedom with
the Power of Factoring

Want another way to save money? Factoring companies for trucking trade cash for invoices so you don’t have to wait to get paid. You can trust our partner Transcap to keep cash flowing.


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